A CRM captures all aspects of interaction a company has with its clients. A CRM automates the functions of Sales, Marketing and Support and helps make them efficient and more effective.

CRM is gaining increasing importance in this competitive world. All customers want to be treated individually. On the other hand the organizations want to consolidate all the efforts spent on an account and want to leverage collaborative focus on the customers.

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Towards this there is a need to:

Vinkoms Solution :- Now a days, any corporations need to apprehend and force innovation to be beforehand of the mainstream. From resolving specific IT-related problems to strategic commercial enterprise transformation via IT, Sunward Infoweb comes into the picture and pressure you on that path that could result in achievement. We deliver generation consulting offerings to groups across a couple of area regions. specific platform problem to our era consulting is given under:

  • - Maintain all the data relating to accounts, contacts and opportunities
  • - Pursue all leads in the best and optimal manner
  • - Retrieve all historical data relating to an opportunity – such that bids may be prepared in the
  • - most realistic manner
  • - Implement organization wide access rights and privileges for the data and information contained
  • - in the system

A product that helps the organization achieve the above objectives is called a CRM product. We at Mag have Developed a web based comprehensive product meeting the above objectives and gained substantive experience at implementing the product at a number of organizations.

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